About Us

Royal Bengal Resort is located at Dayapur, opposite of Sajnakhali (Sundarban). Royal Bengal Resort is serving the business and leisure travellers since 2009. It is a perfect example of consistent performance achievement and excellence in the Hospitality Industry.

Through all these years,Royal Bengal Resort has held true to a simple conviction – each guest is unique but every guest needs care and comfort. We believe it is our privilege to offer an ambiance so relaxed and warm that to be at Royal Bengal Resort is to be in the comfort of home. We wish to have our guest always return to us and in doing so, always experience the happiness of a homecoming.

Operating Hour and Season

Though we operate round the year the best time to enjoy Sundarban is between September to March.

Services & Facilities

Best Accomodation | Travel Help Desk | Enjoy Carom Board and Badminton | Sitting arrangements in Garden with view of River & Forest | Pick up & Drop in by car from Kolkata to Kolkata | Comfortable Transportation

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